Project Overview

They were a band beyond description. More than just a band, though, the extended family of the Grateful Dead comprised an entire culture.  And while most think of them as a Sixties Band, one of the Godfathers of the San Francisco Sound, the band experienced its greatest period of demand in the late '80s and early '90s. 

The parking lots were alive with color and sound and scents. It was a time of food, frisbees and color. So much color! 

The '80s may seem an unlikely time for the birth of a second wave of psychedelic art in the United States, but against the backdrop of the Reagan-Bush era, a small art movement turned cottage industry emerged from the parking lot bazaar. These artists used silkscreens, dyes and wax as their mediums and used tarps on the asphalt parking lots of stadiums as their gallery openings. 

Night after night, as they criss-crossed the nation on the road with their heart of gold band, a diverse group of enterprising artists  created a visual language that at first self-consciously emulated and then slowly expanded the contributions of the San Francisco poster art explosion of the Fillmore / Avalon era of the mid-to-late 1960s. The Dead Parking Lot Look became as recognizable in its own respect as the Haight Street look became during the Summer of Love in '67. 

Twenty years after front-man Jerry Garcia’s death, the Tarotpin Project brings together many of the best artists from the Dead art world to render Tarot images inspired by the songs, character and themes of the Dead. Each image will correspond a Tarot image to a song or lyrical theme. Only 333 signed and numbered sets will be available. The prints will be large and beautiful and created by the best artists in the scene.

Six images will be released at once by six great artists. Each image will depict a song title or image and be available in a limited edition print.

If your subscription stays current, you can continue to collect new images as they are released, eventually resulting in a 78 image psychedelic art collection that is sure to stun. Subscribers will also get special access to timed releases for Artist Editions and Variants when available.

For a special very limited time the first 6 images will be available as a set for $420.00. This price will be locked for each of the 13 sets for those who commit to subscribe immediately.

All 13 sets of your signed prints will have the matching numbers, and this number will remain yours throughout the project. If your subscription for each released set stays current each of your 78 images will have the same number.

For a limited time, the first 25 sets purchased will get low numbers (the first 33 of 333) and gain special access to variants, artist editions and remarqued prints.

Buy with confidence. We guarantee the expert handling of your art prints with the highest standard of packaging, care and attention. Prints will be shipped insured for their full value.