1-A Full Set of 6 - Low Numbers - Special Edition

1-A Full Set of 6 - Low Numbers - Special Edition


$ 600.00 $ 420.00

For a limited time, buy all six prints for $420 and get matching numbers! 

If you are among the first 33 people to order the Tarotpin Suite, you'll be guaranteed a LOW NUMBER (or a number of your choosing if available) and get special access to variants, artist editions, and remarques.

(Note: Being among the first 33 buyers does not guarantee access to ALL variants, just special access to variants. An artist edition variant of five, for instance, cannot be made available to 33 people. But it may be available to a few people and chosen lottery style from the 33. I'm going to try to keep the Charter Subscriber Editions as fun as possible for buyers and for myself.)

All people who buy the set of six, whether among the first 33 or not, will be guaranteed MATCHING numbers and if your subscription stays current, you can keep your number, potentially acquiring a full set of 78 matching numbered Tarotpin prints. Charter subscriptions are limited to one per person or household, while "regular" subscriptions are open to multiple purchases per person or household.

Please note: this is a pre-sale. Prints will be printed and shipped in 6-8 weeks from ordering time. Please expect them in late July - early August. 

Customer service emails can always be sent to tarotpintransits@gmail.com. Thank you!